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Download key resources on faiths and investments here, including those published by ARC, FaithInvest's parent organisation, as well as selected publications by other organisations and our Annual Reports.

From Aid to Investment Cover.png

This research examines the use by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) of ‘non-aid’ financial instruments in which expected positive social / environmental impacts are combined with an expected financial or principal return on that investment.

FaithPlans-Nov2022 cover.png
Faith Long-term Plans

The Faith Plans are long-term commitments by faiths to use their investments, land, buildings, purchasing power and influence to drive action on issues including climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development. 

EST cover image_edited.jpg
The English Sangha
Trust, 2023

FaithInvest has been working with the UK-based English Sangha Trust to develop faith-aligned investment policies and guidelines. This case study outlines the process and how EST reached the highest possible score on our proprietary faith-investing analytical framework.

Cover Impact Investing Report Final.jpg
Impact Investing Roadmap,

Our Impact Investing Roadmap  introduces three topics of relevance to faith-based investors: understanding alignment versus Impact, private markets for impact investing, and tradeoffs between impact and investment outcomes. 

Cover of FCI and Smaller.png
Faith-consistent Investing
and Smaller Organisations

This paper explores the challenges faced by smaller faith organisations that arise when the limited resources of small plans are stretched to meet the significant requirements for creating unique, customised investment programmes that reflect a faith’s values.

Values to Investment, 

All faiths document what they value in terms of social principles and environmental beliefs, but not all have integrated those values into their investing. Our Investment Solutions team has produced a guide to help them do so: From Faith Values to Investment.

Bold Plans cover-short.jpg
Bold Plans conference

'Excellent', 'riveting', 'inspiring' were some of the words used to describe our two-day Bold Plans and Faith-consistent Investing conference which brought  over 100 people together in October 2022. Find out why, plus key takeaways from the event, in our Bold Plans report.

Sustainable Banking,

For socially responsible investors, your banking partner matters. So how can you find a bank that shares your values? And what are the trade-offs, if any? FaithInvest investigates the issue in its State of Sustainable Banking Report – now expanded and revised.

FI publications
Other publications
Mensuram Bonam-cover image.png
Mensuram Bonam,
Pontifical Academy, 2022

The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (an advisory body of scholars) has published a major new paper on faith-consistent investing called Mensuram Bonam, subtitled “Faith-Based Measures for Catholic Investors: A Starting Point and Call to Action'.

Church Investment cover image_edited.png
Climate investments,
Operation Noah, 2022

Operation Noah's new report,  Church Investment in Climate Solutions: Financing a Liveable Future, outlines how churches and faith institutions can take action on the climate crisis by increasing investment in climate solutions, such as renewable energy.

OXFAIF cover image.png
Oxford Faith-Aligned Impact
Finance Report, 2022

Phase One report from the Oxford Faith-Aligned Impact Finance Project, which aims to deliver greater understanding of the state of impact investment in faith-aligned investment. This phase involved initial research for this multi-year programme. 

Greenbook-Jewish impact investing.png
Guide to Jewish Investing,
Michael Lustig, 2021

This first guide to Jewish impact investing by Jewish Funders Network member Michael Lustig provides an overview of impact investing concepts and defines what makes Jewish impact investing unique. We say this is very useful for all faiths.

ARC publications
Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 13.17.12.png
Zug Guidelines
ARC 2017

The Zug Guidelines, published in October 2017, was the first publication to outline the investment priorities, alongside the ethical rationale behind their investment decisions, for 30 traditions from eight of the world's major faiths. 

Many Heavens-African Faith Commitments-c
African Faith
Commitments, 2012

Following the publication of faith long-term plans in 2009, nearly 30 more Plans were announced by African faith groups in 2012. The Many Heavens One Earth Our Continent guide outlines 24 of the commitments by those groups, launched in Nairobi in 2012.

Faith in Finance
ARC 2016

This ground-breaking 84-page paper, published in 2016 by our founder, the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), was commissioned by OECD and UNDP to explore the role of faiths as investors in the future, particularly regarding the SDGs.

Creating a long term plan-cover.jpg
Creating Your Plan,
ARC 2009

This guidebook to creating a faith long-term plan on the environment was created by ARC ahead of the launch of 32 faith commitments from around the world at the 2009 Windsor Celebration. It outlines the seven key areas for action as well as key questions to consider.

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 09.01.46.png
Faith in the Future
ARC 2015

This 2015 publication outlines the Bristol Commitments made by 24 faith  traditions from around the world in response the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals. It was part of the only consultation of the faiths by the UN about the SDGs. 

Faith in Food cover cropped.jpg
Faith in Food,
ARC 2014

Faith in Food is a collaboration between farmers, food lovers and people of faith, looking at the relationship between food and six key faith groups. Eating is a moral act. Our choices of what, how and when we eat have a huge impact upon the Earth. 

ManyHeavens in Action copy.jpg
Many Heavens in Action
ARC 2013

In 2012, Christian, Muslim and Hindu faith groups in sub-Saharan Africa launched action plans on the environment. Many Heavens One Earth in Action, tells the stories of their plans – from tree planting to sustainable agriculture and more.

Capital Solution cover.png
A Capital Solution,
ARC 2000

Subtitled Faith, Finance and Concern for a Living Planet, A Capital Solution was published by ARC and WWF in 2000, supported by the World Bank, looked at assets and land owned by the faiths, and was the first to discuss the need for faith-consistent investment policies.

Annual Reports
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