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'Environmental protection cannot be assured solely on the basis of financial calculations of costs and benefits. The environment is one of those goods that cannot be adequately safeguarded or promoted by market forces.' 
– Laudato Si', 190


Welcome to the Living Laudato Si' resource hub – a space for insights and inspiration to support organisations seeking to deliver on their ecological economics goals, inspired by the Pope's landmark 2015 Laudato Siencyclical which calls on us all to 'hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor'. The hub provides inspiring stories, resources and guides to help them as they consider how to use their financial assets and investments for the common good.

Livable Future workshop
Oct 2022 – register now!

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What is the call of Laudato Si' for investors?

'We have to realise that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.

– Laudato Si', 43


‘Many things have to change course but it is we humans, above all, who need to change.'

– Laudato Si', 202


A leadership workshop for asset stewards

October 2022



A growing number of asset holders are reckoning with the injustices perpetrated by our dominant investment paradigms. Yet we lack dialogue around how the limited options afforded by conventional finance constrain our ability to adequately respond. 


We are coming together out of a shared sense that the time is ripe to imagine a new way to support our shared flourishing. We seek to draw upon something old (the wisdom embodied in Catholic Social Thought) in order to create something new. A new kind of 'disruption' of 'finance as usual' that helps restore reciprocity and solidarity in the realm of business and finance.


This initiative is not a Catholics-only effort nor is it denominational. We believe the principles of Catholic Social Teaching offer a universal framework to help guide our efforts to build the solidarity economy, and ultimately a livable future for people and planet.

Virtual workshop, optional in-person gathering at a later date.



This workshop will introduce and apply frameworks rooted in Catholic Social Teaching (CST) to multiple asset classes – from public equities to alternatives. We also introduce some of the leading edges of CST-embodied investing – from non-extractive finance to cooperatives, catalytic capital to lasting ESG impact. Our goal is to create space for learning and embarking collaboratively on what many of us know is our most important work.



See this slide presentation for an overview on the workshop.

Join a Q&A sessions to learn more.

  • Thurs June 23, 10am EST

  • Wed June 29, 10:30am EST



Deadline to apply to join: 

August 1, 2022


Pope Francis' landmark 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si', inspired a global re-evaluation, both inside and outside the Catholic Church, of our relationship with the earth and those who inhabit it. Laudato Si’ calls us to journey towards sustainability in the spirit of integral ecology which is a key concept in Laudato Si' – 'everything is connected'.

In November 2021, the Laudato Si' Action Platform was launched as a collaboration between the Vatican, Catholic organisations, and 'all men and women of good will', with to encourage practical action for a better future. The Platform has seven goals, including Ecological Economics.


As our contribution to this global effort, FaithInvest has created Faith-Consistent Investing –Living Laudato Si' as a dedicated resource hub to support groups seeking to implement Ecological Economics – one of key goals identifed as requiring urgent action – as part of their efforts to bring Laudato Si' to life. 


The hub provides resources, guides and case studies on approaches to financial stewardship in alignment with the ecological economics goal. It does not advise on investments or manage funds on behalf of any organisation. Instead, its aim to engage, support, inspire and energise.

Join us and share your experiences as, together, we grow this community of organisations working joyfully for people and planet.
Find out about the Laudato Si' Action Platform.
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