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19 January 2021
Developing your Faith Long-term Plan – Partnerships

How can faith groups increase their impact on the environment by working in partnership with others? We bring together experts to discuss their own experience of working in partnerships across social, economic, cultural and geographical settings. This webinar is part of the Faith Long-term Plan series.  

Moderator: Lorna Gold, FaithInvest Director of Movement Building



  • Chantal Elkin, Director, WWF's Beliefs and Values Programme

  • Sarah Ferguson, Country Director, TRAFFIC Viet Nam

  • Allan Ottaro, Executive Director, Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainbility in Africa

Download presentations
  1. Faiths & Conservation Partnerships - Chantal Elkin, Director, WWF's Beliefs and Values Programme

  2. Partnerships in Wildlife Conservation – Sarah Ferguson, TRAFFIC Viet Nam

  3. Working with Partners – Allan Ottaro, CYNESA

Other resources/links to websites 

  1. Guidelines for Interacting with Faith-based Communities - Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)

  2. Society for Conservation Biology working group

  3. Link to the SCB's YouTube film on Culture, Spirituality and Conservation

  4. Link to UN Faith for Earth Initiative website

  5. Link to the Chi Briefing Paper, TRAFFIC Vietnam

  6. Change Wildlife Consumers website, with resources on social and behavioural change 

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13 January 2021
Managing assets – Land & forests, water & wildlife & habitats 

Globally faiths own around 8% of all habitable land on earth, and more than 5% of commercial forests. How can faith groups manage their land sustainably, focusing on on biodiversity. This webinar is part of the Faith Long-term Plan series.  


  • Martin Palmer, CEO, FaithInvest

  • Chantal Elkin, Director of WWF's Beliefs and Values Programme 

  • Ravneet Singh, EcoSikh, India

  • Ani Tsering Youden, Buddhist Tekchokling Nunnery, Nepal

Download presentations
  1. Focusing on nature - Chantal Elkin, WWF. To illustrate how some religious groups are protecting nature, Chantal outlined the 2009 Mongolian Buddhist Eight Year Plan, focussing on wildlife, forests, water and pollution, and the 2009 Cameroon Presbyterian Seven Year Plan that centres around the protection of forests, water, wetlands and wildlife.

  2. Link to watch the Culture, Spirituality and Conservation film on YouTube

  3. Link to watch EcoSikh's video on its Sacred Forests project

  4. Khoryga Project – Ani Tsering Youden

  5. 108 things you can do to help the environment

  6. Link to the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration website mentioned in the webinar

  7. Link to the Miyawaki method of growing micro forests, mentioned in the webinar 

  8. Link to Celebration Earth films mentioned in the webinar

  9. Case study on Hindu-Environment partnerships on greening pilgrimage in Indian protected areas

  10. Resources on Islamic approaches to the protection of threatened species and habitats in Indonesia, in cooperation with WWF

  11. Buddhist Animal Merit Release – a paper 

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01 December 2020
From Engagement to Investment: joint FaithInvest/ICCR webinar

We explored the impact of shareholder advocacy integrating values into corporate actions, and how to take that further by implementing faith-consistent investing policies, with the chief executives of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) and FaithInvest and FaithInvest Director of Movement Building Lorna Gold. And we have a video interview with Tim Macready on working with faiths on values-driven investing.


Moderator: Nana Francois, FaithInvest Director of Membership


  • Josh Zinner, ICCR CEO

  • Martin Palmer, FaithInvest President & Interim CEO

  • Lorna Gold, FaithInvest Director of Movement

  • Video interview of Tim Macready, Brightlight Chief Investment Officer

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28 October 2020
Faith & Green Entrepreneurship 

How different faith traditions can help rethink business in the light of the climate and biodiversity crises, and the UNDP's new Massive Open Online Course on Green Entrepreneurship. Speakers:

  • Jayshree Balachander, Green Pilgrimage India

  • Jamison Ervin, UNDP

  • Lorna Gold, FaithInvest

  • John Mundell, Mundell Associates 

  • Alison Prout, INCR

  • Dr Jinfeng Zhou, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation​

Download presentations
  1. Chinese Traditions and Green Entrepreneurship – Linda Wong and Dr Jinfeng Zhou

  2. Hinduism and Green Entrepreneurship – Jayshree Balachander 

  3. Laudato Si' and Green Entrepreneurship Lorna Gold

  4. Making Green Entrepreneurship work – John Mundell

  5. UNDP's Green Entrepreneurship MOOC – Jamison Ervin

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19 January 2021
Developing your Faith Long-term Plan – Lifestyles

Many faith teachings and traditions encourage us to live in harmony with the environment. Key thinkers discuss self-assessment, pilgrimage, tourism, family life, purchasing power and the art of simple living. This webinar is part of the Faith Long-term Plan series.  


  • Husna Ahmad, CEO, Global One

  • Ruth Valerio, Tearfund

  • Stanley Baya, A Rocha Kenya

Download presentations
  1.  Greening the Hajj - Dr Husna Ahmad, Global One

  2. Owl for a Penny presentation and notes – Stanley Baya, A Rocha Kenya

Links to websites mentioned in the webinar 

  1. ECCR's programme for people and churches connecting faith and finance: Money Makes Change

  2. How big is your environmental footprint? WWF carbon footprint calculator 

  3. Climate Stewards – also an environmental footprint calculator and carbon offset tool

  4. UN Environment's website has lots of useful resources

  5. Hazon Seal of Sustainability: a 12-month programme for Jewish communities

  6. Book: L is for Lifestyle, by Ruth Valerio

  7. Book: How to save your planet one object at a time by Tara Shine

  8. EcoSikh: website mobilising the Sikh Community on climate change 

  9. Tips for making a Green Hajj

Photographof children smiling, by Ojie Paloma
03 December 2020
Education and young people

Faith groups run a LOT of schools worldwide, including at least 50% of schools in the Global South. They also run all kinds of youth groups and other outreach activities. How can young people best be engaged on environmental issues, whether in formal education such as schools, or informal settings such as youth groups? This webinar is part of the Faith Long-term Plan series.  


Moderator: Alison Prout, Director, International Network for Conservation and Religion


  • Mary Bellekom, Faith in Water, UK

  • Barasa Wafula, Consultant in education and sustainable development, Kenya

  • Anastasia Retno Pujiastuti, Pepulih, Indonesia

  • Kamran Shezad, Eco Islam, UK

  • Menstrual health and hygiene: short film by Faith in Water, UK

Download presentations

  1. Education is multi-layered – Mary Bellekom

  2. Promoting values-based education – Barasa Wafula

  3. Pepulih: working on WASH – Anastasia Retno Pujiastuti

Assets webinar-001.jpg
19 November 2020
Managing faith assets: Buildings, healthcare, purchasing, consumption 

Faiths own a LOT of buildings, not just places of worship but also schools, colleges, medical clinics, hospitals, pilgrim centres, community halls and more. How can these be managed in the most environmentally friendly way?

Moderator: Alison Prout, INCR


  • Rev Susan Hendershot, Interfaith Power & Light

  • Rev Dr Alfred Bailey, New Psalmist Baptist Church

  • Peter Nitschke, Plastic Bank

Download presentations
  1. Interfaith Power & Light - Rev Susan Hendershot

  2. Friends House - Alison Prout

  3. New Psalmist Baptist Church - Rev Al Bailey

  4. Plastic Bank - Peter Nitschke

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20 October 2020
Creating your Faith Long-Term Plan

The first in a series of webinars on FaithInvest's Faith Long-term Plan programme. Introducing the programme, its seven key areas, timescale, dissemination process and additional resources. 


  • Martin Palmer, FaithInvest Interim CEO

  • Nana Francois, FaithInvest Director of Membership

  • Alison Prout, Director, International Network for Conservation and Religion

Helping the faiths engage with and inspire the investing world.

Helping the investing world navigate and support the faiths.