'Two fundamental moral principles guide our work in managing assets: the principle of human dignity and
the concept of stewardship.'

– Church of Sweden



FaithInvest is an international nonprofit organisation that empowers faith groups to invest in line with their beliefs and values. ​Our aim is to support the rapidly developing movement of faiths actively using their investments to create a better world – for people and planet. 

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  • Connects the faiths. We build bridges between faiths; between religious leaders and investment leaders; and to the wider faith community

  • Provides a network for faith investment decision makers to share their experiences, best practice and investment challenges

  • Assists the faiths in developing faith-consistent investment policies and guidelines 

  • Engages the finance world about the investment needs of the faiths



Director of Membership Nana Francois introduces our Membership Programme in this short animation.


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FaithInvest Founding President and Interim CEO Martin Palmer provides an introduction to FaithInvest, why we were founded and what our mission is.


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Our Membership Engagement lead, Mathew Jensen, provides an overview of our Member Portal.


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FaithInvest was formed through the collaboration of significant religious investors, philanthropies, the United Nations, national governments, and investment firms with impact investment expertise. It was incubated by our founder organisation, the Alliance of Religions and Conservations (ARC), a UK-based international NGO founded by HRH Prince Philip in 1995. The concept originated at a landmark meeting in Zug, Switzerland in 2017. However, its roots go much further back.

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ARC, in partnership with Citigroup, began to explore with partners such as ICCR and people involved in faith finance, whether the investment power of the religions could be a major environmental force for good.


March 2007

ARC publishes the Atlas of Religion which included the first attempt to chart the faiths' investments worldwide. 

Dec 2016

ARC published the ground-breaking paper, Faith in Finance, which was commissioned by OECD and UNDP to explore the role of faiths as investors, particularly in connection to the strategic development goals (SDGs) created last year by the United Nations.

April 2005

These consultations and research led to the creation of a new independent foundation, 3iG – the International, Interfaith, Investment Group – to promote faith-consistent investing. 3iG undertook some important research but ultimately failed: it was ahead of its time.

Sept 2015

The UN asked ARC to organise the only formal consultation of the faiths about the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The conference led to the Bristol Commitments – pledges of practical action by the faiths to support the SDGs. Included were significant aspirations around investing in line with their values.

Oct 2017

ARC organised a landmark meeting of 50 faith traditions, investment houses, foundations and the UN in Zug, Switzerland. The meeting included the publication of the Zug Guidelines (see below) outlining the investment priorities and of different faith traditions. By unanimous agreement, it was agreed a new alliance was needed to accelerate faith-consistent investing. 

Nov 2017-Sept 2019

Following the Zug meeting, a development committee was set up to work on the new alliance, and FaithInvest was launched in 2019 (see below).

Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon, Portugal
2019: Launch of FaithInvest

FaithInvest was created out of the growing interest in faith-aligned investing, which had been accelerated by the launch of The Zug Guidelines at ARC's 2017 meeting and by the realisation that the faiths, in combination, represent a significant investment force.


If connected, the faiths would be a significant investment bloc in the financial world. As a unified consortium, the faiths together, as shareholders and investors, could have important ownership and influence in companies and investments that could make our world a better place.


Our aim is to help ensure that the billions of dollars owned and managed by the faiths can be directed to faith-aligned and values-driven investments supporting environmental and sustainable development.

The Zug Guidelines to
faith-consistent investing
Image of the Zug Guidelines cover

The Zug Guidelines were published at the Faith in Finance meeting, organised by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation and held in Zug, Switzerland in October 2017. 


They outline the investment priorities for dozens of traditions from eight of the world's major faiths – Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam,
Judaism, Sikhism and Shintoism – 
alongside the ethical rationale behind
their investment decisions.


The Zug Guidelines focus on how faiths
can use their investments to support
environmental and sustainable
development for a better world.

They helped to fuel an unprecedented
interest in faith-aligned investing. Now
more than 40 such guidelines exist.


Helping the faiths engage with and inspire the investing world. Helping the investing world navigate and support the faiths.



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