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Without a vision,
the people perish.

– Proverbs 29:18


Find out more about significant FaithInvest events and activities, as well as links to our events listings below.


We're hosting or involved in...
2 March 2024
Virtual Workshop / Webinar
Together for Europe - Called to Unity: Towards an Ecology of Relationships

FaithInvest CEO Lorna Gold and Programme Manager Catherine Devitt will speak at this event, which was prepared by Together for Europe with representatives of various Churches, Movements and Communities.

During the morning, the speakers will take us through the Churches’ thinking on the subject of relationships that form the basis of our acting and interacting with creation; afterwards, we will dialogue with them to further explore the topic.

In the afternoon, ample space will be devoted to good practices in the efforts to safeguard creation which are already underway in various European countries.

Visit Together for Europe's website for more information HERE

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7 March 2024
Virtual meeting, 10
.00 EST | 15.00 GMT | 16.00 CET  
FCI Interest Group Quarterly Forum

At our 7th March meeting, we'll go deeper into developing-market climate investing - and a potential path for more involvement from Faiths - with Green Climate Fund (GCF), the world's largest climate fund. 


Green Climate Fund was established by the United Nations, is funded by developed countries, supports developing countries and partners with commercial, non-governmental organizations, developmental, investment and many other institutions to invest in 'on-the-ground' climate mitigation and adaptation projects.

We will introduce GCF, cover their extensive investment project activities, and explore ways Faiths can engage. Join us! 

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11 April 2024
Online webinar, 08.00 EST | 13.00 GMT |  14.00 CET |  16.00 EAT
Catholic Social Teaching and Ecological Economics

As we confront the dual challenges of ecological degradation and poverty, it is imperative that we align our economic systems with principles of sustainability and justice. How can Catholic Social Teaching inform and guide new ecologically sound and socially equitable economic models? This webinar is organised by the Laudato Si' Action Platform and co-sponsored by FaithInvest.

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NEW! A live-taught, online course on FCI
Starts 28 February x four weeks
Online, 1.5 hours
08.00 PST | 11.00 EST | 16.00 GMT | 17.00 CET |  19.00 EAT
Faithful Finance: An introduction to aligning investments with faith values

FaithInvest is thrilled to introduce a new online training course for organisations wanting to deepen their faith-consisting investing journey. Our empowering online, live-taught course is the first aimed at religious organisations of all traditions. Learn the foundational principles of faith-based investing, including how to engage with financial intermediaries with clarity and confidence.

  • For faith-based organisations

  • Suitable for all religious traditions

  • Four dynamic and engaging sessions delivered over four weeks

  • £295 per person (limited number of bursaries available)

NOTE: Due to high demand, the February training is closed to new registrations. Next course: 7-28 May 2024. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN

20220526_123724 (1).jpg
MAY 2023

Joint FaithInvest and Christian Aid conference exploring how business networks, investors and development agencies can work together.

IMG_2006 rz.jpeg

'Excellent', 'riveting', 'inspiring', 'mind opening' – some of the words used to describe our two-day Bold Plans conference on faith-consistent investing

Member event-pursuing-investment-prog.jpeg
JUNE 2021

A year after we'd had to postpone our first in-person conference due to Covid, we finally met online to discuss aligning values and investments.


For recordings of our webinars, visit our webinar catch-up page.

18January 2024
Webinar: Faith action for better human, animal and planetary health   

The UN has identified food system transformation as an urgent priority if we are to achieve the objectives of a wide range of international Conventions, including the Paris Climate Agreement. Food systems contribute up to one third of greenhouse gas emissions and up to 80 per cent of biodiversity loss. Speakers include:

  • Dr Vandana Shiva, Activist, Academic and Campaigner

  • Azmaira Alibhai, Faith & Ecosystems Coordinator, Faith for Earth, UNEP 

  • Martin Palmer, Founding President, FaithInvest

  • Dr David Clough, Chair of Theology and Applied Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Co-founder, CreatureKind 

  • Dr Thomas Legrand, Lead Technical Advisor, Conscious Food Systems Alliance (UNDP) 

  • Dr Marium Husain, Lead author, Islam and Food Systems (UNEP) 

  • Joyce D'Silva, Ambassador Emeritus, Compassion in World Farming

12 January 2024 In-person event, Belfast Ireland
Uniting for Climate Justice
Faith groups are coming together In Northern Ireland to explore a joint approach for addressing environmental challenges, in order to enhance mutual support and develop a collaborative approach for the future. With guest speaker FaithInvest CEO Dr Lorna Gold. 
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