Daoism does not measure prosperity in terms of personal wealth or material abundance, but rather in the well-being of the planet and the number of species that co-exist with us harmoniously.
– Daoist FCI Guidelines 


Developing faith-consistent investment guidelines is an important step for faith groups seeking to align their investments with their values and are a requirement for membership of FaithInvest. Download our guide to developing faith-consistent investment guidelines as well as other resources such as The Zug Guidelines and the Faith in Finance paper. 

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Thinking about developing or further refining your own faith-consistent guidelines? You may find this guide helpful as you articulate your vision for your investment aspirations.

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The Zug Guidelines, which were published in 2017, describe the investment priorities of dozens of traditions from eight major faiths, plus the ethical rationale behind their decisions. 

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The 84-page Faith in Finance paper, published in 2016 by the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, was commissioned by OECD and UNDP to explore the role of faiths as investors.

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