Are you a dynamic and visionary leader? We want to hear from you. We're looking for an exceptional individual to become FaithInvest's first Executive Director – someone who will shape, develop and oversee FaithInvest at this exciting stage in our development.

Position: Executive Officer

Hours: Full time

Salary: $160,000-$200,000 (around £125,000-£160,000)

Location: Preferred: United Kingdom, potentially open to others  

Application deadline: 12noon, Monday 25 November 2019

About FaithInvest 

We are an international nonprofit organisation and professional association of faith-based asset owners who strive to deliver lasting impactful good to people and planet by aligning the investment practises to their own religious and values-based principles. Our goal is to support all faith groups in aligning their investments and asset management with their faith values. We became a legal entity in spring 2019 and will soon have charitable status. 


Currently we are working with partners to gain access to around 600 faith investment groups with a potential of helping shape up to £1 trillion of faith investments; we will engage with all the world’s leading faiths – with no religious or geographic boundaries. Over the next three years, we are aiming to develop a core membership of 175 members with all the appropriate support services and facilities they require.  


Executive Director


FaithInvest brings together faith groups and the wider investment community in the effort to aligning the faiths' investment practices to their own religious and values-based principles. We are looking for an Executive Director who is able to understand and help develop solutions thorough the lens of faith and values, but who also understands the needs of the investment community and can share their excitement at the potential for changing how we use our investments to benefit people and planet.

The Executive Director will help develop and oversee an organisation whose priorities are to:

  • build the multi-faith membership; 

  • develop an internal forum to exchange ideas and methodologies among the members through the lens of faith; 

  • through research about faiths and investment and through a knowledge of the financial and investment world, to offer a range of events, activities, classes and gatherings designed to promote and extend the reach of faith-based investments; 

  • organise an R&D program specific to the priorities and needs of the members;

  • secure future funding for FaithInvest.  

To find out more, please download the Executive Director job specification

For information about FaithInvest's senior management, see the Our Team page.

To apply, please send a covering letter and your CV to jobs@faithinvest.org.

Helping the faiths engage with and inspire the investing world.

Helping the investing world navigate and support the faiths.