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There's just one week to go to our first Global Member Conference

Our first Global Members' Conference is just one week away and we've got some great speakers and fascinating discussions lined up. Entitled 'Pragmatic Faith-Consistent Investing' this will be an action-oriented, information-rich working conference across two half-days on Tuesday June 8 (12.30-17.00 BST) and Wednesday June 9 (14.00-19.00 BST).

Speakers include Ven. Amaro Bhikkhu of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery; Dr Stephanie Bilo, of Responsibility; Mark Campanale, of Carbon Tracker, and an advisor to FaithInvest; Victoria Carrion, of Catholic Impact Investing Collaborative; John Goldstein of Goldman Sachs; Paul Goodwhite of Serenissima Financial; Radha Kuppalli, of New Forests, Ross Piper of Christian Super; Hayu Prabowo of Majelis Ulama Indonesia; Shaunaka Rishi Das of Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies; Sophie Robe of FIIND Impact; Christoph Stuckelberger of OikosInvest Foundation; Kate Walsh of Global Impact Investing Network; and Josh Zinner of Interfaith Centre on Corporate Responsibility.

We'll be showcasing our new Member Portal and Manager Database. And to take a look at what we think on some of the topics we'll be discussing, check out these papers and thought pieces: Sustainable Banking, the Evolution of Ethical Investing and the Challange of ESG for investors.

This event is for all members of FaithInvest. We welcome attendance from the traditional investment team professionals, responsible investment professionals, and those who work with them to manage these assets. Please do fill out the application to register below, and we will be in contact shortly.

Any other faith-based asset consultants, advisors and managers who wish to find out more, please feel free to contact us by emailing for further information.

Check out more details about the event, including the agenda in detail, here.


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