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Mid-year "Top Five" Roundup of Research News and Posts

As we arrive at mid-year, we look back at the top five most popular posts of 2024, year-to-date. 

But first, a look at the FCI Interest Group itself - YOU!


The group is growing rapidly: at the start of the year there were 134 members; now the group has grown to 230.


As we reported at the last Quarterly Forum, there are MANY faith traditions represented in the FCI Interest Group, including but not limited to Anglican, Baha’i, Buddhist, Daoist, Catholic, Episcopal, Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Quaker, Sikh, and Unitarian. 


There are many parts of the globe represented, including Belgium, China, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Kenya, Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Scotland, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States. 


And you bring a wide range of concerns and priorities to the implementation of FCI, based on your Beliefs Teachings and Values, such as climate and environment, equity, housing, hunger & poverty amelioration and more!


The Top Five 

Our weekly research posts are designed to highlight a wide range of topics relevant to faith-based asset owners. Here are the Top Five "most clicked" weekly posts for the year-to-date period through June 30:



Rankings are based on posts with highest click-through-rates (CTR), which measures the percentage of recipients who clicked a link in the email out of those who opened it.

To see all of posts, click HERE.

Best wishes for a great second half of 2024!

- Your Friends at FaithInvest 


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