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Mapping your faith-values

How do your organization’s faith-values map to frameworks like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or ESG Factors? Recognizing many faiths don’t use or engage these frameworks (as noted in prior posts), many do, and considering there are globally over 3,700 investment manager signatories to the Principals for Responsible Investment, which are in-part aligned with the SDGs, they form a common investment language for expressing values.

We’re being asked this question much more frequently — frameworks for mapping faith-values to SDGs and/or ESG factors — and are doing work here to bring examples and methodologies to the fore.

One recent, Christian, and retail focused example just launched in the US — Inspire Insight — bills itself as “the world’s most comprehensive values-based & ESG investment screening tool that empowers investors with the biblical values data they need to make informed, God honoring decisions.” We’re just starting to evaluate it. Try for yourself as the fund lookup and analysis is (currently) free.

If you have seen good research or examples of faith-values to SDG or ESG Factor mapping, I'd be very interested in seeing it too, email me at:


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