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FaithInvest heads to Hong Kong for an exciting week of talks and meetings

The FaithInvest team heads to Hong Kong today for a packed and exciting week of discussions with key faith partners.

Hong Kong, by photographer 57Andrew
Hong Kong, by photographer 57Andrew

FaithInvest CEO Martin Palmer is in Hong Kong to:

  • Give a lecture at Hong Kong University on Wednesday March 22 for 500 people, including senior faith leaders and leaders of environmental organisations

  • Meet with Daoist leaders who want to create a Daoist investment hub in response to questions they are getting from Daoists who want guidance on how to use their wealth in a faith-aligned way (there are an estimated 300-400 Daoist millionaires in China, and several billionaires)

  • Talk to JPMorgan’s Asia Philanthropy forum (a private event)

  • Discuss a potential conference to be held later this year in Indonesia (the world’s biggest Muslim country) on Al Mizan (The Balance), which will be published in coming months and outline an Islamic approach to the environment.

In his public lecture at Hong Kong University, entitled 'From faith statements to faith stakeholders', Martin will cover the growth of the faith environmental movement worldwide since the first landmark meeting held in Assisi, Italy, between faith leaders and environmentalists in 1986.

He will also show how the growth in the faith environmental movement has inevitably led faith groups to begin considering how and where their finances and investments are held, and whether they are aligned with their values – which led directly to the founding of FaithInvest in 2019 – as well as to a recognition that faiths are major stakeholders in the planet due to the size of their investments, assets and influence.


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