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Faith-consistency isn’t just about investable assets

Faith-consistency isn’t just about investable assets, it can be about all a faith organization’s assets.

We talk frequently about the “path” of faith-consistent investing, and some organisations are far down the path – more fully integrating their faith values into their investments and more, while others are eyeing an entry to the path and wondering about the journey. It’s often helpful, therefore, to observe what others are doing: recently the Church of England announced a significant commitment to make the Church’s “operations” (my term for their institutional assets, buildings, etc.) transition to “net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030”, along with their previous commitment to transition their investment portfolio to net zero by 2050.

The price is not cheap at a £190 million commitment to the operational transition – with practical activities like “changing to LED lighting” and “good maintenance” among no-doubt larger changes.


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