FaithInvest is a global membership association and investment community of faith-based organisations, growing the scale and impact of faith-consistent investing. Our members are faith-based asset-owning institutional investors. We invite all faith-based endowments, foundations and development agencies to join as members as we grow the scale and impact of faith-consistent investment.



Business Meeting

As a member of FaithInvest, you will receive a wide range of benefits aimed at understanding your needs, guiding you to opportunities, developing your skills and capacity and enhancing awareness of faith-consistent investment. 


The Member Portal, a private, members-only space, is the main vehicle through which we deliver a range of curated services aimed at understanding members' needs; developing their skills and capacity to work through challenges; delivering our three key areas of focus (see below) and co-creating investment opportunities. Click below to watch our short animations about the Membership Programme and Member Portal.

AREA 1: 

Members' Portal​

The Member's Portal is an online, members-only protected space where members interact with each other. It is designed to allow us to:

  • Facilitate and administer Membership Work Groups on various topics

  • Disribute information and data in a safe and targeted manner

  • Allow more direct member interaction and contribution to areas of interest.

Manager Database​

The Manager Database shares information on asset managers that is aimed to create:

  • A database of manager and strategies known to our members with some basic information about each manager. NOTE: The data will be provided anonymously – not linking members to specific managers.

  • An ability to match members with specific searches or interests with other members active in the same space.

  • An ability for us to create outreach efforts to managers for specific needs or concerns.

AREA 2: 

Commingled Platform

We will begin a long-term project creating infrastructure that allows reasonably quick and cheap construction of commingled vehicles for our members.

  • At the simplest level, we will aim to create an environment where popular strategies or managers can be accessed quickly and simply by members.

  • At more complex levels we may aim to create vehicles to invest side-by-side with the faiths.
    This project will entail: 

  • A working group to better define needs and goals​

  • Interacting with existing commercial platforms, perhaps with support from members already using similar services.

  • The Dharma Index: We will try to leverage a pre-existing project started by one of our members to support the creation of a Buddhist/Sikh/Hindu oriented investment vehicle. We will use this experience to inform the infrastructure project.

AREA 3: 

Impact Investing Fund-of-Funds

Impact investing is a high-priority item for many of our members. There are many complexities that make this area particularly challenging, inluing specialised due diligence and difficulty in building scale. 


There have been a few successful efforts to create fund-of-fund structures in this area. We will explore creating one specifically tuned to the faith community. We will use our working group format to better define how to make this proposition work – and then facilitate an exploration of what can be done to meet this priority.​

Real estate

Many of our members control 'operating real estate' (as opposed to investment real estate) in the shape of houses of worship, hospitals, schools, etc. This is unique to the faith community.

Some of our members have begun projects that lever that real estate to further community impact – often in coordination with their investment goals and plans. We will facilitate – through a sub-group of our members – the exploration of work already done in this space and the potential for future expansion and greater impact.


Interested in our Member Working Groups? Find out more about what we're working on and ideas we have for future working groups by clicking the link below.


There is currently no fee to join FaithInvest's Membership Programme.

  • Affiliation to a faith or tradition that is recognised by FaithInvest

  • Commitment to develop faith-consistent guidelines for your organisation (not applicable to networks)

  • Agreement to share appropriate information about your organisation so we can curate services suitable to your needs

  • Agreement to abide by FaithInvest's Member Code of Conduct




FaithInvest requires all members to sign up to the following Code of Conduct.

  1. Demonstrate integrity, honesty and ethical and appropriate behaviour in all business, professional and related personal activities.

  2. Follow all applicable laws, regulations and professional conduct standards.

  3. Respect the privacy of all members and do not re-post Member Portal discussions on other platforms. Members who share internal opinions of other members (with attribution) will be removed from the Portal community.

  4. Maintain confidentiality and not reveal confidential information unless required by law; or use confidential or privileged information to your own advantage or that of a third party. 

  5. Be transparent about any special relationship, business interest or conflict of interest, and make FaithInvest aware where such a conflict may exist (email