FaithInvest helps religious groups to invest in line with their values. 
We support the rapidly growing movement of faiths actively using their
investments to create a better world – for people and planet.

FaithInvest is an international, not-for-profit membership organisation for religious groups and faith-based institutional investors. Our aim is to grow the scale and impact of faith-consistent, values-driven investing worldwide.


The world's faiths have billions of dollars invested in the global stock markets, across all asset classes. We empower religious asset owners to align their investments with their faith values, for the benefit of people and planet


We do this by providing:

  • a NETWORK for faith-based investors

  • SOURCE of education, exchange and collaboration

  • PLATFORM for investment ideas, opportunities and concepts

  • VOICE for the faiths and values-driven investors.

  • Promotes faith-consistent, values-based investing and investment transparency

  • Connects the faiths

  • Builds skills and capacity 

  • Serves as a bridge to faith-aligned and value-driven investments

  • Engages the financial world about the faiths' investment needs 

  • Helps to create pipelines of potentially investable projects through faith networks

We do not make investment decisions or manage funds for the faiths.


The faiths are a natural powerhouse for ethical, faith-based and impact investing that contributes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) or socially responsible investing (SRI). Yet for many faiths, this is currently more of a potential than a reality. 

Faith beliefs naturally align with ethical, faith-based and
impact investing; they are deeply and strongly motivated. They represent a large pool of investable 
assets as well as vast ownership of property and land. 
Together, the faiths represent a significant investment
bloc in the financial world. 

As investors, the faiths are good at knowing what they don’t want to invest in. Now it is time for faiths to say what they do want to invest in, for a better future for people and planet.  


Developing faith-consistent investment guidelines is a crucial step for faith groups seeking to align their investments with their values, and is a requirement for membership of FaithInvest. 

Download our guide to developing your own guidelines as well as other resources such as The Zug Guidelines, which outline the investment priorities of dozens of faith traditions.


We invite all religious groups and faith-based endowments, foundations and development agencies to join us and help to grow the movement of values-driven, faith-consistent investing. Members receive a range of curated services aimed at understanding their needs and enhancing their skills and capacity.

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The Faith Long-term Plans programme works with the biggest organised sector of society – the faiths – to use their assets, investments and influence to drive practical action on the environment. The Plans will be launched in 2021 before the UN's COP26 climate conference. We invite all religious  groups to join the programme.




Pope Francis has called on all faiths to join him on a journey of economic transformation and to rethink how they invest their money. FaithInvest's Director of Movement Building Lorna Gold assesses what this means for the growing movement of faith-consistent investing.

04 February 2021, 12noon GMT

Developing your Faith Long-term Plan: Partnerships, Eco-twinning and Environmental Departments

How can faith groups increase their impact on the environment by developing partnerships and sharing experience and expertise with other groups? We bring together experts to present case studies and discuss the effectiveness of creating dedicated environmental departments.  This is part of the Faith Long-term Plans series of webinars.

23 February 2021, 2pm GMT

Developing your Faith Long-term Plan: Celebration

The world, despite all its problems, is still a beautiful place. Through existing celebrations of creation and religious festivals, and the development of new festivals and traditions, faith groups can inspire celebration for the potential for sustainable ecosystems that are beneficial to all of humanity. There will also be an opportunity to hear about the next steps in the Faith Long-term Plans process. 



FaithInvest was formed through the collaboration of significant religious investors, philanthropies, the United Nations, national governments, and investment firms with impact investment expertise. 


It was incubated and established by the Alliance of Religions and Conservations, a UK-based international NGO founded by HRH Prince Philip in 1995.


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Helping the faiths engage with and inspire the investing world.

Helping the investing world navigate and support the faiths.