FaithInvest helps religious groups to invest in line with their values. 
We support the rapidly growing movement of faiths actively using their
investments to create a better world – for people and planet.

FaithInvest is an international, not-for-profit membership organisation for religious groups and faith-based institutional investors. Our aim is to grow the scale and impact of faith-consistent, values-driven investing worldwide.


The world's faiths have billions of dollars invested in the global stock markets, across all asset classes. We empower religious asset owners to align their investments with their faith values, for the benefit of people and planet


We do this by providing:

  • a NETWORK for faith-based investors

  • SOURCE of education, exchange and collaboration

  • PLATFORM for investment ideas, opportunities and concepts

  • VOICE for the faiths and values-driven investors.

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  • Promotes faith-consistent, values-based investing and investment transparency

  • Connects the faiths

  • Builds skills and capacity 

  • Serves as a bridge to faith-aligned and value-driven investments

  • Engages the financial world about the faiths' investment needs 

  • Helps to create pipelines of potentially investable projects through faith networks

We do not make investment decisions or manage funds for the faiths.


The faiths are a natural powerhouse for ethical, faith-based and impact investing that contributes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) or socially responsible investing (SRI). Yet for many faiths, this s currently more of a potential than a reality. 

Faith beliefs naturally align with ethical, faith-based and
impact investing; they are deeply and strongly motivated.
They represent a large pool of investable assets as well as
vast ownership of property and land. Together, the faiths
represent a significant investment bloc in the financial world. 

As investors, the faiths are good at knowing what they don’t want to
invest in. Now it is time for faiths to say what they do want to invest in,
for a better future for people and planet.  


Developing faith-consistent investment (FCI) guidelines is a crucial step for faith groups seeking to align their investments with their values. A commitment to doing so is a requirement for membership of FaithInvest.  


Download our guide to developing your own guidelines as well as other resources such as The Zug Guidelines, which outline the investment priorities of dozens of faith traditions. 


We invite all faith-based asset owners –
including endowments, foundations and development agencies – to join us and help to grow the movement of values-driven, faith-consistent investing.


Our Member Platform is launching soon, and will be the main vehicle through which we deliver a range of curated services aimed at understanding members' needs; developing their skills and capacity to work through challenges; deliver the three key areas of focus for Members (for details, see below) and co-creating investment opportunities.

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We're working to grow the movement of values-driven, faith-consistent investing. A key part of this is our Faith Long-term Plans programme – to be launched in October ahead of the UN COP26 Climate Conference – in which faiths around the world are planning to use their investments, assets and influence to drive practical action on the environment. We invite all faith groups to join the programme. And if you are interested in our work, sign up to our newsletter!


Our Member Platform and Programme is now live. Please click on the MEMBER LOG IN button above to sign into the site. Members will have been emailed their passwords; if you have not received yours please contact us.


Over the past year we have spent time with many of our members – both directly and in various seminars and forums – to understand their needs and priorities, and to align our initial focus with them. Our initial focus is on three areas: ​

  1. Directly enhancing collaboration across our members – hoping to save time and resources. We will do so via:

    • Member's Portal​

    • Manager Database

  2. Creating infrastructure to allow quick and smooth investing:

    • Commingled Platform

  3. Creating interesting investment opportunities – where possible, opportunities uniquely suited to the faith community.

    • Impact Investing Fund-of-Funds​

    • Real Estate




PUBLICATION: Developing 
Faith-Consistent Investment Guidelines


FaithInvest was formed through the collaboration of significant religious investors, philanthropies, the United Nations, national governments, and investment firms with impact investment expertise. 


It was incubated and established by the Alliance of Religions and Conservations, a UK-based international NGO founded by HRH Prince Philip in 1995.


Write to us at the address shown or use the contact form below.


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Helping the faiths engage with and inspire the investing world.

Helping the investing world navigate and support the faiths.


FaithInvest is an international nonprofit organisation that empowers faith groups to invest in line with their beliefs and values. FaithInvest is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and does not provide financial or investment advice. Information provided on FaithInvest’s website platform, its Member Portal or its other communication channels does not constitute financial or investment advice. If you wish to receive any form of financial or investment advice, please consult a qualified and independent financial advisor. You should conduct your own due diligence in relation to any investment opportunities or strategies you choose to pursue. FaithInvest does not promote any specific investments or opportunities and cannot therefore accept responsibility for any specific financial or investment decisions you make following participation on its website platform.