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Vatican Covid-19 Commission

The Vatican has set up a Covid-19 Commission in response to the pandemic and to consider the role of the Church in helping manage the social and economic changes that will follow. BBC Radio 4's Sunday programme interviewed Rev Dr Augusto Zampini Davies, appointed by Pope Francis to the Commission, on Sunday May 17.

The conversation included both the Commission's work and also the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si', Pope Francis's ground-breaking encyclical, subtitled 'On care of our common home', which has had a huge impact both within the Church and without.

Joining him to discuss faiths and investments were Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, a member of the International Interfaith Investment Group, Devie Mohan, an expert in the relationship between finance and technology and a Hindu; and Umar Soleman, a member of the Islamic Finance Council and a Shariah finance consultant.

You can listen to the programme here:

FaithInvest/Religion Media Centre webinar

FaithInvest chief executive Martin Palmer will be one of three speakers at a joint FaithInvest/Religion Media Centre webinar on Thursday (May 21) at 12noon on Covid-19, the environment and religion.

Other speakers include Dr Lorna Gold, who is vice chair of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, and Esben Lunde Larson, from World Resources Institute, based in Washington DC, and a former Environment Minister from Denmark.

The Religion Media Centre is an impartial, independent body helping journalists and other media professionals cover religion. Read journalist Rosie Dawson's article on the Covid-19 Commission, written for RMC, here


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