Martin Palmer to appear on Swiss Impact TV channel

FaithInvest's Chief Executive Martin Palmer will be interviewed live tomorrow on the new digital TV channel, Swiss Impact with Banerjis, at 3pm CET / 9am EST time.

The weekly TV channel, broadcast globally on IBMTV and available to watch via YouTube, was founded by Ben Banerjee, president and co-founder of the Swiss Impact Investment Association, and focuses on impact investment.

Ben and his co-host, Svetlana Banerji, will interview Martin on faith-consistent investing, why FaithInvest was founded, and why a growing interest among faith groups on values-driven investing.

  • The 1.5hr programme will be broadcast live tomorrow at 3pm CET / 9am EST time and you can watch it here:

  • You can also watch it on the programme's Facebook page and catch up with other programmes there.

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