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Fascinating meeting at this year's GIIN Forum

FaithInvest was at the GIIN Investor Forum, organised by the Global Impact Investing Network, in Amsterdam, Holland, on October 2-4, which included a workshop on faith-based investing. Michael Even, FaithInvest's Interim Executive Director, described the meeting as 'fascinating, with broad attendance and a lot of excitement'. 

Mike Even, FaithInvest's interim Executive Director, described the GIIN meeting as 'fascinating, with broad attendance and a lot of excitement'. He said: 'The interest and focus on impact investing continues to grow and develop, and the GIIN continues to provide thought leadership in defining and measuring the various efforts.

'As impact Investing develops, the drive for more data, more scale and a more precise understanding of impact and trade-offs begins to take centre stage.' He added: 'From our perspective at FaithInvest, the panels for faith-based investors and the special session for religious investors were a wonderful opportunity to see the expanding


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