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Introductory meetings for two new Member working groups

Following on from our very successful Inaugural Members’ Conference in June, we are launching two of our Working Groups – one on Faith-Consistent Investing and one on Sustainable Banking. We invite you to join us for these introductory Members' Group Meetings, where we will collaborate to confirm the goals, scope and deliverables.

Faith-Consistent Investing, Thurs 9 September, 15.00-15.45 BST

The Faith-Consistent Investing (FCI) working group focuses on helping faith-based asset owners integrate their faith-values into their investment policies and guidelines, and ultimately their investment programmes. The group will surface guidance and resources for the process and practices of values integration into key investment governance documents, procedures, and resources, through examples and guidance from and engagement with other faith investors, and active outside experts.

Sustainable Banking, Thurs 23 September, 15.00-15.45 BST. This group aims to: • Help FI members explore and engage the Sustainable Banking movement, related organisations, practices, implications and implementations. • Provide resources and relationships for members to consider, implement or enhance sustainable banking efforts in areas of commercial relationships, investments and advocacy. • Enable FI to communicate faith perspectives, activities and goals with sustainable banking initiatives globally.

If you would like any further information on either group please do get in touch with Mathew Jensen

Please find out more about Membership and sign up to FaithInvest Membership and the Member Portal beforehand:


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