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Impact product design project seeks participants

FaithInvest is pleased to be jointly participating in an impact product design project led by the FIIND Impact Foundation.

FIIND Impact Foundation, an Amsterdam-based impact investing non-profit, has launched a grant-funded project to design and build a faith-consistent impact investing fund, and is seeking to assemble a group of faith-based asset owners (FBAOs) to help co-design it. 

'The goal of the initiative is to design a product that reflects the faith values and investment criteria of faith-based asset owners who share a common desire to create a better world - for people and planet' Maarten Toussaint, FIIND Impact

As part of this product design project, FIIND Impact is seeking to address the challenges many FBAOs experience with impact investing:


  • How to make the right investment decision from among the plethora of impact funds; the deal flow is diverse, large and not very transparent. 

  • Can I trust the impact fund to practice what it preaches? 

  • Difficulty accessing private market funds with smaller investment allocations.  

  • Proper due diligence on the traditional risk and return criteria and the checks and balances on faith-aligned sustainability and impact objectives.  

This could be a wonderful learning opportunity for those looking to explore impact investing in more implementation-oriented detail, and for those already engaged in impact, an opportunity to co-design a strategy to potentially fit your requirements. 

To learn more about this project, please read this letter from Maarten Toussaint, and as indicated within, reach out to FIIND Impact directly to express your interest in participating.

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