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FaithInvest CEO Dr Lorna Gold featured in The Tablet

A feature about FaithInvest CEO Dr Lorna Gold and the Pope's participation at COP28 has appeared in the international news weekly The Tablet. Written by Catherine Pepinster, former editor of The Tablet, the feature describes Lorna's background and shares a bit about her motivations and priorities as she begins her tenure as the new CEO of FaithInvest, while reflecting on the Pope's first-ever visit to a COP climate gathering, which begins November 30.

Pepinster explains that 'Like many Catholics, Gold came to green issues through a commitment to justice for the poor, but she thinks the way Pope Francis brings together that commitment with a love of God's Creation and the spirituality of Francis of Assisi can reach and inspire even more people. And there are simple actions that we can all take, she says, that will make a real difference.

'Gold urges faith organisations, like individuals, to take a stand on the climate crisis', and several examples of this are offered in the piece.

Elsewhere in the feature, Pepinster writes 'In the latest document from Pope Francis Laudate Deum his follow up to Laudato Si', "one cannot help being struck by the tone of voice the Pope is speaking in. It is urgent, imploring and also rather impatient especially with his own church, in particular, in the US," Gold has written. At a conference in Rome earlier this month co-hosted by FaithInvest that brought Catholic investors together, Gold called for them to look critically at the global financial system through the eyes of the poor'.

At FaithInvest, we're delighted with the Pope's participation at COP28 and looking forward to the first-ever Faith Pavilion at the conference, facilitated by the Muslim Council of Elders, which will host a series of talks and presentations and also facilitate networking and advocacy. Dr Gold will give the opening remarks at the Faith Pavilion on Monday December 4, where she'll be discussing faith-consistent investing; appropriately, finance is one of the themes for the whole COP that day.


Read the full article at The Tablet's website:


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