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Explore values and investing in our first Leadership Programme

We are delighted to announce the new dates for the first FaithInvest Leadership Programme, entitled Building Bridges, postponed from May 2020. The meeting will now take place from Sunday 15 to Wednesday 18 November, 2020 (Sunday evening to Wednesday 4pm) at Lassalle-Institut, in Zug, Switzerland.

We have linked up with the Lassalle-Institut for the programme. The Lassalle-Institut specifically addresses leaders in economy, politics and society, offering dialogue, seminars and conferences in order to support leaders in making good decisions.

Aimed at 16–20 participants from the worlds of faith, finance, ethical investment, sustainable development and care for our common world, the Leadership Programme will enable you to gain a better understanding of the values of different faiths and cultures as well as to deepen your personal goals and values.

The need to be mindful is common to all the major faiths of the world. Against the background of the current ecological crisis, this programme will help us to connect ourselves again towards' the other' – be it the other person, the other faith or culture, nature or the world.


In this FaithInvest Leadership Programme, we will create bridges between our diverse worlds, addressing substantial questions such as:

Goals and values: What are our personal goals and values? Where do we find them in our culture, in our faiths and in our work? Which goals and values do we, or can we, share?

Engagement: What is necessary for a fruitful engagement. Can we listen? Can we handle what is familiar and what is strange for us and yet stay connected

Challenges: What are the obstacles to understanding different worlds, different beliefs, different values? What alarms us most about working with people who are very different? How do we mindfully address our own personal and professional issues?


For people and planet: How can we connect again with nature and the world. Learning to be part of creation and supporting it in growing and flourishing.

Exploring the golden circle of impact (why, how, what).

Best practice: Which models and case studies of best practice can we share of faiths which invest in forms of sustainable development? Of investment groups who have clear values and how can faith and investment complement each other?

First steps to creating collaborative projects around faith, value and investment (tools, collaboration, networking, outcome).

Programe outline

Sunday: Arrival and Welcome

Monday: Life Journey and values / Building bridges: relation to the other

Tuesday: Exploring cultures and faiths / For people and planet

Wednesday: Faith consistent investment, best practices / Integration and next steps


Full board and Lodging:

  • Room with private bathroom (WC/shower): CHF 170 per day

  • Room with sink (shared bathrooms/WC facilities are located on each floor): CHF 130 per day

Participation fees: CHF 250

Leadership team

  • Gabriela Scherer, Lassalle-Institut

  • Mary Bellekom, FaithInvest

  • Tobias Karcher, Lassalle-Institut

  • With experts from the world of faith and finance


To find out more, visit the Leadership Programme page on the Lassalle-Institut website. To book, visit the registration page. 


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