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Building a regenerative economy

A coalition of global leaders, businesses, institutions and individuals will come together in Parma, Italy, and online in a two-day event, Regeneration 20|30, to discuss what is needed to build a regenerative economy.

FaithInvest CEO Martin Palmer will moderate a multi-faith panel of spiritual leaders on October 15.

The aim of Regeneration 20|30 is to build an alliance among global leaders from all disciplines, paths and countries to share ideas, best practices and, above all, a strong commitment to action. At its heart is the vision of a global economy that is a positive force for good – for people, society and the earth.

As well as building a regenerative economy, the coalition will also focus on climate action and world happiness. The climate crisis is the biggest threat to our common future, it says, while the pursuit of happiness in its deepest meaning of self-realisation, altruism and individual and social well-being is the 'new frontier of sustainability'.

More information here.


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