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August 2021 newsletter: Working group meetings launch next month

Summer thoughts become September actions!

In a hurry? If you only have ONE minute, register now for an upcoming working group meeting! Working groups are spaces for outcomes-focused collaboration and the sharing of expertise and experience. We have two working group meetings launching in September.

These are Member-only events! Learn more about Membership here


Working group meetings launching in September!

To support tangible progress within the Working Groups we are launching our Working Group Meeting Series, and we’re pleased to offer the inaugural meeting on 9 September, 2021.

We couldn’t be more excited to kick off these member events with the Faith-Consistent Investing (FCI) working group, which focuses on helping faith-based asset owners integrate their faith-values into their investment policies and guidelines, and ultimately their investment programmes.

The group will identify guidance and resources for the process and practices of values integration into key investment governance documents, procedures, and resources, through examples and guidance from and engagement with other faith investors, and active outside experts.

Later in September we’ll be offering a Sustainable Banking working group meeting. This group aims to help FI members explore and engage with the Sustainable Banking movement, related organisations, practices, implications and implementations. The meeting is scheduled for 23 September.


These two initial meetings are representative of the range of Working Groups in development, as shown on the chart below. And in October, the Impact Investing working group is launching!


What we’ve been thinking about over the summer

Since our Member Event this past June, we’ve heard from many of you regarding the wide-ranging topics that were addressed, including Long-Term Faith Plans, Sustainable Banking, Dharma Index Investing, and more.

The session on Faith-Consistent Investing seemed to resonate especially, which is understandable given the foundational nature of this topic and the urgency with which many faith institutions are examining, re-examining, or in some cases just setting out on the journey of insuring that their values are aligned with – and being expressed by – their investments.

Earlier in the year we offered a webinar on this topic, Rooting Investment Guidelines in Faith Principles, for which a written summary and video replay is available on demand – it’s a great resource for anyone interested in exploring this important process.


Be sure to visit the Faith Plans website to learn more about the Faith Plans Programme, which is a movement of faith groups taking practical action globally on climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development. FaithInvest is supporting this effort in partnership with WWF's Beliefs & Values Programme.


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