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A Transition at FaithInvest

An Announcement from FaithInvest CEO Martin Palmer

FaithInvest Investment Solutions Director Nana Francois has accepted the position of CEO at Opportunity International UK - a charity focused on microfinance in Africa and the global south. This is an area that those of us who know Nana well have long known to be near and dear to her heart, and we at FaithInvest congratulate her on this significant new role.

Nana was the first person hired at FaithInvest, joining a team that had come over from FaithInvest’s forerunner, ARC. She not only brought the focus on investments to complement the existing networks and knowledge of the world of faiths but was instrumental in shaping what FaithInvest has become.

During her tenure at FaithInvest, Nana has overseen the establishment and development of the Investment Solutions group, the team which is at the heart of FaithInvest's support for faith groups as they make allocation and investment decisions in line with their faith-values.​ She has also been central to the creation of the Leadership team and has helped bring the worlds of movement and investment together, which is such a distinctive feature of FaithInvest. Nana will continue in her role at FaithInvest through September - please join us in congratulating her on taking up a role to which she can bring such wisdom, skill and delight.

A recruitment process for the new Director of Investment Solutions is under way.


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