FaithInvest is a global membership association and investment community of faith-based organisations, growing the scale and impact of faith-consistent investing. Our members are faith-based organisations, faith investors and faith fund managers.


We invite all faith-based endowments, foundations and development agencies to join as members as we grow the scale and impact of faith-consistent investment.




In September 2017, our founding organisation, the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) invited 50 faith groups, investment houses, foundations and the UN to Zug, Switzerland, to discuss how to accelerate faith-consistent investment by the world’s faith groups.


The Zug meeting also resulted in, for the first time, the publication of the faiths' investment criteria, policies and aspirations in the founding The Zug Guidelines. The Guidelines outline the investment priorities for dozens of traditions from eight of the world's major faiths – Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Shintoism – alongside the ethical rationale behind their investment decisions.

This work led to the creation of FaithInvest in 2019 as a membership organisation for faith groups and their investment representatives. We exist to support greater faith involvement in faith-consistent investing. We operate both as a company limited by guarantee and as a UK registered charity headquartered in Bristol, UK.



Through the years of ARC's experience with hundreds of faith organisations, responsible of billions of dollars of investable assets, it became apparent that:

  • Many faiths are not aware of the impact – positive or negative – of their investments.

  • Some faith organisations are aligned to the principles of faith-consistent investing, but many have not yet made a priority of applying those principles in practice.

  • There is a growing movement for values-aligned action – putting investment money into values for people and planet – and faith groups have an important role to play in that movement. We exist to help them do so.

  • Our aim is to grow the scale and extent of faith-consistent investing, for the benefit of people and planet.


FaithInvest brings together information, support and contacts to:

  • Build critical bridges between faith organisations and traditions, and between faiths and the wider investment community (investment professionals, foundations, NGOs and the United Nations) to grow the scale and impact of faith-consistent investment.

  • We do this by drawing upon the knowledge of our members and through a programme of research with key partners including GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network). We enhance awarenessdevelop skills and capacity, and generate opportunities for faiths to make the impact they desire.

  • We also work with faith groups as potential sources of investable projects, and develop the entrepreneurial skills of our members, for example, through the Laudato Si’ entrepreneurship support programme being developed in collaboration with UNDP.

  • We support our members with an experienced, hands-on, interactive team which ties deep

    knowledge of faith traditions with experience in the investments landscape.


Faithinvest provides members with curated investment-related services; platforms hosting a pipeline of projects; multi-faith events; working groups and networks; pioneering research, education and training; and other opportunities to develop faith-consistent investment practices.

a)  We provide a service that is appropriate to your goals:

  • We ask that you produce faith-consistent investment guidelines and we provide you with the support and resources required to complete this.

  • We help you to think through your financial investments in line with your guidelines and ask you to share relevant data about your organisation and investments.

  • We seek deep understanding of your organisation’s aims and aspirations. We use that knowledge to guide you through our platforms, helping you to find investment opportunities that support the achievement of your financial and faith-consistent goals.

b)  We establish circles of collaboration, creating safe, data-protected spaces for the exchange of

relevant information, experience and investable opportunities. Our resources are available both online and through regional and thematic working groups.

c)  We have a dedicated Membership Director and team who will engage with each organisation and work alongside you to develop your bespoke approach to faith-consistent investing.

d)  We host flagship events and enable access to relevant partner programmes. These provide opportunities to engage with internationally recognised organisations such as the UNDP and WWF, drawing the faith-based community together with subject matter experts to facilitate education and ideas exchange.


As a member of FaithInvest, you will receive a wide range of benefits aimed at understanding your needs, guiding you to opportunities, developing your skills and capacity and enhancing awareness of faith-consistent investment. Find out more about the membership benefits by clicking below.




The founding organisations


Core members of FaithInvest


May require financial assistance to

join, discussed on a case-by-case basis.



Affiliation to a faith or belief tradition that is recognised by FaithInvest


Commitment to develop faith-consistent guidelines for your organisation (not applicable to networks)


Agreement to share appropriate information about your organisation which will allow us to curate services which are suitable to your needs


Agreement to abide by FaithInvest's Member Code of Conduct


There is no fee for membership of FaithInvest until March 2021. 


From April 2021, the annual contribution will be £2,000 GBP.


FaithInvest requires all members to sign up to the following Code of Conduct.

  1. Demonstrate integrity, honesty and ethical and appropriate behaviour in all business, professional and related personal activities.

  2. Follow all applicable laws, regulations and professional conduct standards.

  3. Be transparent about any special relationship, business interest or conflict of interest and make all relevant parties aware where such a conflict may exist.

  4. Conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring FaithInvest into disrepute.

  5. Do not reveal confidential information unless required by law; nor use confidential or privileged information to your own advantage or that of a third party.

Helping the faiths engage with and inspire the investing world.

Helping the investing world navigate and support the faiths.