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Our network provides an ecosystem where members can share their experience and learn from each other in confidence and confidentiality.


FaithInvest provides four pillars of support to help faith groups overcome the challenges they face in values-based investing. The four pillars are: Network, Education, Platform, Voice.

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FaithInvest supports a network for identifying and enabling faith-aligned investment opportunities across various asset classes.


We provide an ecosystem where members can access each other’s experience and advice with confidence and confidentiality; where best practices can be shared and discussions can be held on relevant issues and problems.  

We do this through:

  • Enabling member communications and sharing on specific topics and themes

  • Regular meetings – regional, topical and social – to enable members to know and understand each other and their shared efforts better

  • Curated introductions by the FaithInvest membership team so that members can help and support each other

  • Publication and discussion of best practices on various aspects of faith-based investing

  • Creation of the pipeline of investable projects

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FaithInvest undertakes research and collaboration based on the stated needs and priorities of our members.  


Key issues will be researched, either directly by us or in coordination with our partners and members, and shared with our members.  


Likely areas of work include:​

  • Exploration of aspects of investing specific or specialised for the faiths

  • Deep dive analysis of areas of priority or focus for the faiths

  • Philosophical and/or practical exploration of offering various investment options to the followers
    of some of the faiths

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FaithInvest will provide a platform for investment ideas and opportunities through information exchange, investable projects, due diligence, technical assistance and the pipeline programme.

The aim is to drive the creation and delivery of investment opportunities and capabilities specifically designed for or motivated by the needs of our members. We are currently developing the platform for providing such opportunities, and this will be launched in 2021.


By understanding the priorities of the members, combining their interests where applicable and presenting clear criteria to the broader investment community, we will leverage the existing power of the faiths and deliver solutions that fit their priorities and requirements.

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We are a voice for our members, seeking to amplify the faiths’ collective impact and to engage with other partners seeking value-driven investments.​ 


Through our web presence, publications, seminars and general communications, we amplify the messages and investment needs of the faiths and engage the non-faith world.


Our knowledge of our members allows for a voice that emphasises the power and unique capabilities of the faiths without sacrificing the diversity they represent or the privacy they seek. We make their voice heard through:

  • Values-driven investment events – whether organised by us, our partners or the industry

  • Media – both social or web-based media and more traditional publications

  • Direct engagement with partners and commercial entities interested in engaging the faiths


Helping the faiths engage with and inspire the investing world.

Helping the investing world navigate and support the faiths.

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