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Top Ten FCI Research Posts of 2023

In 2023, FaithInvest provided you with weekly insights to a variety of research being conducted in the area of faith-consistent investing, nearly 70 posts in all.

As we begin 2024, we look back at the year now passed to provide an 'all star review' of our ten most popular posts, which touched on everything from artificial intelligence, to divestment, the use of OCIOs, and much more, all from a perspective of faith-consistent investing.

We believe these posts are worth a second look, and hope you find them valuable.

We look forward to providing you with insights to research relevant to FBAOs in 2024!


“Mensuram Bonam” Faith-Based Measures for Catholic Investors: A Starting Point and Call to Action

Mathew Jensen, 4 January 2023



How much does Artificial Intelligence know about faith-consistent investing?

Mathew Jensen, 7 June 2023



Guest Commentary: A response to our post 'How much does Artificial Intelligence know about FCI'

Michael Lustig 18 July 2023



Headlines from three faith-based asset owners

Mathew Jensen, 11 April 2023



How FBAOs engage, advocate and divest from fossil fuels: it's not one size fits all

Hasnane Arain, 15 June 2023



An innovative approach to sustainable non-profit funding

Hasnane Arain, 24 October 2023



Who uses OCIOs?

Mathew Jensen, 4 April 2023



Does divestment from fossil fuels have any real impact?

Hasnane Arain, 23 June 2023



Faith-based asset owners: concerns over voting policies of largest asset managers

Hasnane Arain, 23 May 2023



Summarising Mercer's new, global non-profit investment survey

Mathew Jensen, 17 April 2023

10 'TIE'

Is ESG your organisation's faith values?

Mathew Jensen, 12 July 2023


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