FaithInvest helps faith groups to invest in line with their values.
We support the rapidly growing movement of faiths actively using
their investments to create a better world – for people and planet.

We are a not-for-profit membership organisation for religious groups and faith-based investors worldwide. We accelerate and broaden faith-consistent, values-driven investing by providing:

  • a NETWORK for faith-based investors

  • SOURCE of education, exchange and collaboration

  • PLATFORM for investment ideas, opportunities and concepts

  • VOICE for the faiths and values-driven investors.

  • Promotes faith-consistent and values-based investing

  • Connects the faiths

  • Builds skills and capacity

  • Serves as a bridge between faith asset owners and the professional investment community

  • Engages the finance world about the faiths' investment needs 

  • Helps to create pipelines of potentially investable projects through faith networks


The faiths are a natural powerhouse for ethical, faith-based and impact investing that contributes to environmental, social and governance (ESG)
or socially responsible investing (SRI) and supports the aims of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 

Yet for many faiths, this is currently more of a potential than a
reality. As investors, the faiths are good at knowing what they 
don’t want to invest in. Now it is time to say what they do want
to invest in, for a better future for people and planet. 

Faith beliefs naturally align with ethical, faith-based and impact
investing; they are deeply and strongly motivated. They 
represent a large pool of investable assets as well as vast
ownership of property and land. Together, the faiths represent
a significant investment bloc in the financial world. They also have
unique grassroots reach that can generate investable projects, local
know-how and operating infrastructure in almost any part of the world. 

But the potential impact of the faiths has been muted. Many faith groups are complex and opaque to outsiders – especially the commercial world.


FaithInvest exists to overcome these difficulties and build bridges between the investing world and the faiths.


Building a regenerative economy

A coalition of global leaders, businesses, institutions and individuals will come together in Parma, Italy, and online in a two-day event...

19 October

FaithInvest/Religions for Peace joint webinar: 'Responding to Climate and Ecological Crisis through Multi-religious Collaboration' (including the Faith Long-term Plans) 


20 October

FaithInvest / INCR joint webinar: 'Create your Faith Long-term Plan'

26-27 October

Swiss Impact Investment Association Impact Virtual Summit: 'Planet, Humanity and Finance'

28 October

FaithInvest webinar: Green entrpreneurship MOOC developed in partnership with UNDP

Tropical Leaves

Faith actors and social entrepreneurs have a 'collective and catalytic role to play' in asserting that deeper human values – not dollars, earnings or domestic product – should inspire and inform systematic change in the post-Covid world.


That's the message in an opinion piece published by Devex – the global media platform for development professionals – which is jointly authored by FaithInvest CEO Martin Palmer, Jeroo Billimoria of Catalyst 2030 and Francois Bonnici of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

The article appeared in Devex's Faith and Investment series, which is sponsored by GHR Foundation.


FaithInvest works to accelerate the growth in values-driven, socially responsible investing by:

  • Assisting the faiths to set out details of their investments and strategy as well as goals for pro-active investing;

  • Creating a professional association to enable greater collaboration and information sharing;

  • Promoting the shift within the faith communities from grant-focused to grant-and-investment-for-impact projects;

  • Becoming a first stop for key information (through research partnerships) on the scale, scope and direction of faith investing;

  • Creating a pipeline of investable projects finely attuned to the needs of the faiths;

  • Creating opportunities to invest in environmental and sustainable projects.


We do all this not just for faith organisations but for faith-based philanthropies, charities and businesses.



FaithInvest was formed through the collaboration of significant religious investors, philanthropies, the United Nations, national governments, and investment firms with impact investment expertise. 


It was incubated and established by the Alliance of Religions and Conservations, a UK-based international NGO founded by HRH Prince Philip in 1995.



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Helping the faiths engage with and inspire the investing world.

Helping the investing world navigate and support the faiths.

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