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The fourth International Faith-Based Investment Conference, Walk the Talk, in January 2021 was held online due to the Covid pandemic. The event focused on Europe and Africa due to different time zones; a second event focusing on Asia is scheduled for March 5. See below for a flavour of the debates of this year's conference.


Mobilising faith communities on 'profit and purpose'

OVERVIEW: More than 150 people attended the fourth faith-based investment conference, entitled Faith-driven Investing: Walk the Talk, which was held online due to the Covid pandemic on 15 January 2021. 


Christoph Stückelberger, Executive Director of Geneva Agape Foundation (GAF), said the event aimed to 'mobilise the faith communites, the values-driven communities, to say we have a lot to contribute, we have a lot of assets, we have a lot of competencies and skills, let's bring them to the table, especially to implement the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


The conference had heard 'a lot of concrete examples, not theory but people who walk the talk already and invite others to join them.' 


The ultimate aim was to achieve social impact, particularly around the SDGs, he added: 'We have seen the term 'profit and purpose' used throughout this day. This is not grant-making conference, it is about business and we need models that are sustainable, that gather return, but with purpose. That means increased awareness of the need for impact, for social responsibility while increasing the value of the capital invested.'   

Christoph Stückelberger

SESSION 3: Real estate & infrastructure

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